The 5 Best Gaming Headsets of 2014

If you call yourself a hardcore gamer then you would know that only the graphics do not make the game, the sound does too. Yup that’s right, now answer this, would you enjoy a great game with state-of-the-art graphics when you don’t have a good gaming headset? You just can’t.

So by this definition, the headset is just as important as beer when you’re gaming, heck it can even be a life saver when you’re rocking some multiplayer action. So today we have compiled a list for you people for the best gaming headsets in the world right now.

Remember that this list was compiled with the help of a survey, so if you disagree with anything on here…please state your reasons in the comments below.

So without further ado, let’s start…

Top 5 Gaming Headsets of 2014

Creative Fatal1ty

When it comes to a budget, we can assure you that this is the one of the best headphones you will find around the $50 mark. Yes that’s right, this absolute beauty is so low priced and such high quality that you won’t believe it.

creative fatal1ty headset

It’s got more than decent sound quality, it is super lightweight, is really comfy and to top if all off, the in-line volume controls and a detachable boom mic makes it that much awesome.

Main Specs:

  • Compatible with PC, MAC, Wii U and the PS4
  • Has a great quality detachable boom mic
  • In-line volume controls make it easy to access them anytime

Mad Catz Tritton Kunai

I’m going to be totally unbiased here…the tritton kunai sounds weirdly similar to the lesser priced creative fatal1ty. Now you might be wondering what the heck are you getting more out of it by paying an extra $20 or so.

Well, the answer is really simple, better build quality and better materials, as the plastic on this unit is a bit more durable and features a slightly more comfortable memory foam padding compared to cloth on the Fatal1ty.

mad catz kunai

Not only that but it offers a little more compatibility ( see the main specs for that ). All in all we think that it is worth the extra $20 if you want a long lasting setup.

Main Specs:

  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and the Wii U
  • Flexible and Detachable microphone
  • Great in-line volume controls

Turtle Beach PX22

We started from the most cheapest one you can find in the market and now we’re slowly getting in the land of slightly higher priced headsets. But remember that these are still really affordable and the overall quality is a bit high compared to the units above.

So if you game on a lot of different systems including consoles, then Turtle Beach’s PX22 is your best bet under the $100 price range. It has a significant improvement in sound and build quality than the models listed above. It is much more sturdy and is able to bear quite a lot of wear and tear.

turtle beach px22

Not only that but the mesh padding on it is much more comfortable for your ears. Meaning you’ll be able to game for longer periods of time without sweating too much or getting a headache.

If that wasn’t enough it also has a dynamic chat boost feature which simply means that you will be able to hear your friends much more louder when there are explosions happening all around. This is a great feature to have for a price tag of just $80.

Main Specs:

  • Widely compatible (PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS4, PS3)
  • Has a flexible microphone
  • Has an in-line amp
  • Is USB powered

Logitech G430

At first glance you won’t find much differences between this and the similarly priced PX22. So what’s the difference? It’s made specially for PC gaming. Yeah, that’s right. If you’re an exclusive PC gamer and have a budget of less than $100 then you might want to look into the G430 instead of the PX22.

logitech g430

Although it can work on some consoles but the 7.1 surround sound is only made possible with PC’s so you can get the best out of your headset. Other than that it has all the basic and standard features you might need like a decent boom mic, very comfortable padding and in-line controls.

Main Specs:

  • Lesser compatibility (PC, Mac, PS4 – audio only, Wii U)
  • Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound for PC
  • In-line controls
  • Foldable and noise cancelling boom mic

Plantronics RIG

Did you ever wish that you can find a great all-round gaming headset? Which is perfect for gaming but can double as an audio setup on the go. I don’t know about you but I certainly have. The Plantronics RIG does just that.

It’s designed like a normal headset and not a bulky one like most gaming headphones are, it is built exceptionally well and has great sound quality, and the boom mic can be easily detached and swapped with an included in-line mic.

plantronics rig headphones

It has an audio mixer with three different EQ settings to provide you with some variety and is a great setup for anyone who’s looking to buy just one headset for all their needs. For a price of just $130, you can’t find a sweeter deal than this.

Main Specs:

  • Widely compatible (PC, Mac, Wii U, Smartphones, Tablets, PS4 – audio only and many more)
  • An audio mixer is included
  • Comes with dual microphones
  • And has three EQ profiles

So these were the top headphones for the year 2014. If you want to read much more in-depth reviews and comparisons, go read our gaming headset reviews right now!


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