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Why Gaming is a Positive Element in Life [Infographic]

So there’s a long running debate between parents and children about the productivity of video games and how do they actually benefit us. Recently while just browsing online I came across a really interesting infographic that I’m sure you’ll like, even if you’re a gamer or not.

So this great infographic basically shows us that no matter how much people bash the uselessness of video games, there still are a lot of benefits to being a gamer. Yeah I know you’ll get all excited but remember that excess of everything is always bad.

My thoughts on video games are that they help a human being in some way or another. They’re not just evil like most people make them to be. I myself am a hardcore gamer and playing games helps me with…

  • Problem Solving
  • Team work
  • And develops my analytical skills

I myself have noticed that gamers have a higher IQ than non-gamers and this is probably a scientifically proven fact πŸ™‚

Although we must admit that there are some side effects to it aswell. Gamers usually tend to spend a lot of money on gaming accessories, they buy expensive hardware, software and peripherals such as keyboards, mice, headsets for gamers and many more. After a while it becomes a habit and they just waste away hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

So without deviating from our topic too much, here is the infographic I was talking about earlier…

gamer infographicsGo over it once again and tell me what you think about it in the comments below πŸ™‚

Source: Dailyinfographic


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